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What should you do if you encounter the common failure of these 9 injections molding machines?

Time:2018-05-09  來源: 海太機械

Pump motor and pump start up, but no pressure.

1,Loose connection to proportional valve on oil pump or burnt coil.

Check whether proportional pressure valve is energized.

2,Impurities plug the proportional pressure valve oil port of the oil pump.

Remove the proportional pressure valve to remove impurities.

3,The pressure oil is unclean, and debris accumulates on the filter surface to prevent the pressure oil from entering the pump.

Clean the filter oil and replace the pressure device.

4,Oil leakage of the oil pump, damage caused by excessive use, internal loss or dirty pressure oil.

Repair or replace the oil pump.

5,Oil injection barrel, oil throats and joint leakage.

Eliminate leakage area.

6,Oil business card printing is dead.

Check whether the oil valve cored is in normal operation.

The temperature of the glue tube can’t be controlled

1,The temperature cannot be controlled. Check whether the contact point of the electric thermal contractor is sticky, whether the wire of the thermocouple is loose or damaged.

2,The temperature cannot be increased. Check whether the electric hot air switch to the electric box is switched on, whether the contractor and relay are closed, whether there is voltage, whether the insurance is burnt out, whether the heating coil is burnt out.

3,Is the thermometer damaged?

No clamping

1,Whether the front opening safety door has been closed, whether the limit device of the safety door has been pressed and loosened, and whether the wiring has been loosened or damaged.

2,The mode-locked electromagnetic coil may have moved into the valve and become stuck to the core.

Cleaning or replacing the mode-locked open-die control valve.

3,Direction valve may not be in position.

 Clean direction valve.

4,The thimble cannot be returned to the position.

Check whether the thimble is acting normally.

5,Check whether the origin of the computer controller's locking module and opening module has been changed, and whether the position of locking module has been terminated.

6,Check whether the pressure gauge is in action.

7,Press the lock mode key to see whether the display screen displays the lock mode signal or other signals and alarms.

8,Check whether the position, speed and pressure of the locking mould are adjusted normally.

9,Check whether the piston rod of the locking mould is broken.

Don't shoot glue

1,The solenoid coil may be burnt, or something outside may enter the directional valve and move with the valve core.

Clean or replace the solenoid valve.

2,Too low pressure.

Adjust the injection pressure.

3,The temperature of injection molding is too low.

Adjust the thermometer to raise the temperature to the required point. If the temperature can't be raised by adjusting the thermometer, check whether the electric heating tube and fuse are burnt out or loosened.

4,Loose connection or poor contact of injector combination open valve.

Properly connect the combined switch line head.

The sol-screw turns, but the glue does not enter the barrel

1. The back pressure on sol is too high, and the back pressure valve is damaged or improperly adjusted.

Adjust or replace the back pressure valve of sol.

2. Insufficient water transportation, so that the temperature is too high, which prevents the colloidal particles of en

ering the screw.

Adjust the water transportation and take out the adhesive blocks. See if the conveyor is blocked or uncool.

3. There is no material in the hopper.

4. The melt tube is too hot.

The hexad doesn't move

1,The moving limit stroke switch to the ejection platform is adjusted and the collision block is pressed.Adjusted.

2,The coil of the ejector moving solenoid valve may be burnt or something outside may enter the directional valve

and move with the valve core stuck.

Clean or replace the solenoid valve.

3,Check the forward speed of the fir platform and check whether the pressure is improperly adjusted.

4,Check the 1/0 plate, and check whether the voltage (DC+24V) output by the directional valve are normal. If not,

check whether the corresponding output transistor or relay is damaged.

5,Press the launcher buttoned to check whether the computer screened displays the signal in front of the

launcher, or other signals and alarms.

6,Check whether the pressure gauge is in action.

The opening makes a sound

1,The open-die traveled switch system does not have card or card system failure.

Adjust or replace the solenoid valve.

2,The fixing screw of the slow-speed solenoid valve is loosened, or the valve core is stuck.

Adjusted to a significantly slow speed.

The pressure oil is too hot

1,The pressure of oil pump is too high.

It should be adjusted to the demand pressure of glue material.

2,Oil pump damage and low pressure oil concentration.

Check oil pump and oil quality.

3,Insufficient pressure oil.Increasing pressure oil.

4,Repair the cooling system due to water shortage caused by a fault in the cooling system.

The fully automatic action is out of order

1,Failure of the electric eye, loose fixation screw or poor light concentration.

So as to restore the electric eye.

2,Failure or damage of time system.

Adjust or replace time system.

3,The heating tube is damage.


4,Improper or damaged connection of thermocouple. 

Fastening or replacement.

5,Thermometer damaged.

Semi-automatic failure: semi-automatic cycle, is by the mechanical action, touch the electric switch system and

time, an electrical signal, the control system of oil, if in manual mode, every movement is normal, and semi

automatic failure, the most is due to the time of electric switch system and the system has not issued a signal, the

first observation of semi-automatic action is in the stage of failure, contrast "motion cycle chart" to find out the

corresponding control element, and resolved to check.