Hai Tai is known as the "national key high-tech enterprises", "China's advanced technology export enterprises", "100 key enterprises in Ningbo"

Hai Tai, founded in 1995, is known as the "national key high-tech enterprise", "China's advanced technology export enterprises" and "100 key enterprises in Ningbo". The total area of the enterprise are 150,000 square meters, and the headquarters is located on Hai Tai Industrial Park, the extension of Baizhang East Road, Ningbo. Hai Tai has large precision processing equipment and kinds of high-grade CNC processing equipment and complete set of precision testing instruments and physical and chemical facilities.

Hai Tai is the first to pass the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification and provincial metrology certification, the early realization of ERP, PDM, CAM and information engineering. With the comprehensive strength, Hai Tai has ranked the top three. In 2011, Hai Tai is now under the banner of Zhejiang Tianxing Industrial Group.

Hai Tai set up the first enterprise of Ningbo (Hai Tai) Engineering Research Institute, with the technology center of the Hai Tai (provincial) enterprise and the Ningbo sub center of the National Engineering Research Center of the new forming equipment.

The Ningbo sub centered and The post doctoral workstation of The State Key Laboratory of plastic molding and mould technology had established The long-term scientific research currency with winning Ten famous schools, and have complicated a number of National Torch Program projects.

National new product development projects and major technology breakthrough projects have created more than 30 national patented technologies, product research and development is integrated with advanced technologies from Europe and the United States

As early as 2003, Hai Tai have developed the first HTD80 servo electric high speed precision injection molding machine that has the international advanced level through expert identification.

Hai Tai has cooperated with huazhong university of science and technology to develop intelligent injection molding machine products with the leading level in the world.

"Hai Tai Machinery" has the famous brand, "Hai Tai" trademark has the well-known trademark of China and province. The HTL series and HTW series of the "Hai Tai" brand are 68T-3000T injection molding machine.

HTX series model force is 90-900T injection molding machine, HTH series model force 1600-4000T pull rod telescopic servo energy saving second board precision injection molding machine, product design advantage Integrated with advanced technology in Europe and America, it has strong rigidity, excellent performance, quick response, high efficiency, energy saving and durability.